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Messenger Of The GodsA new Freddie Mercury compilation entitled Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles will be released in all territories on September 2, 2016. There are three formats to choose from, 13 disc vinyl box set, 2 CD, and digital download. The 13 disc vinyl box set will have uniquely colored 7" singles, each reproducing the original sleeve artwork. The 2 CD set will feature the same tracks that appear on the vinyl box. Of note from this collection, there will be five edits/mixes making their first appearance in digital format: Made In Heaven (Single Remix), Living On My Own (1985 Single Edit), The Golden Boy (Single Edit), The Fallen Priest (Single Edit), and She Blows Hot And Cold (Original B-side Version). The release will be available through Mercury Records around the world, except for North America, which will be handled through Hollywood Records.

Messenger Of The GodsIn the last Queen Fan Club magazine, Brian May mentioned that an upcoming BBC collection entitled "On Air" will be released in the foreseeable future. No details have been given as of yet, but one could assume that all 6 BBC Radio sessions would be included. There are some other opportunities with this set as well, such as interviews and/or live concert broadcasts. So far only the first and third BBC sessions have been officially released in full. A few tracks from sessions 2, 4, 5, and 6 did appear as bonus tracks on the 2011 remastered albums. There have been no announcements of any Queen product this year, so this may be a release aimed at the Christmas market.


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