The Cash In Compilation

Bad News
UK The Cash In Compilation CD (Dojo 1993)

1. Hey Hey Bad News (Grigson/Webb/Fuego)
2. Bad Dreams (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
3. Warriors Of Genghis Khan (Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
4. A.G.M. (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
5. Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)
6. Pretty Woman (Orbison/Dees)
7. O' Levels (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
8. Life With Brian (May)
9. Bad News (Brint/Fuego)
10. Masturbike (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
11. Double Entedre (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
12. Drink Till I Die (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
13. Cashing In On Christmas (Dub) (Grigson/Dennis/Webb/Fuego)
*Note: Unlisted spoken word dialogue tracks are included on this CD.