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Patrick Lemieux
Patrick Lemieux is a Canadian artist and writer who makes his home in Toronto, Ontario. His articles for Queen's Official Website include The Lost History Of A Queen Track, A Chronicle Of Magic, The Journey Back To The Light, A Mystery In The Wreckage and co-authored with Adam Unger The Elektra Edits.

He has exhibited his artwork in galleries and venues in Toronto, where he makes his home. You can follow him on Twitter @MadTheDJ and visit his blog: http://www.madthedj.wordpress.com/.

Adam Unger
Adam Unger is the owner and webmaster of QueenVault.com. He has contributed articles to Queen's Official Website, including B-sides and The Elektra Edits (co-authored with Patrick Lemieux).

Adam attended The Pennsylvania State University and still resides in the Happy Valley area with his wife, Suzy. You can follow him on Twitter @Ungerpsu.

The Queen Chronology
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