Greatest Karaoke Hits DVD

Country: Japan
Release Date: 2004
Catalogue Number: TOBW-3174
Label: Parlophone
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Karaoke Version)
2. You're My Best Friend (Karaoke Version)
3. Somebody To Love (1998 Karaoke Version)
4. Tie Your Mother Down (1998 Karaoke Version)
5. We Are The Champions (2004 Karaoke Version)
6. We Will Rock You (Karaoke Version)
7. Spread Your Wings (Karaoke Version)
8. Bicycle Race (Karaoke Version)
9. Fat Bottomed Girls (Karaoke Version)
10. Don't Stop Me Now (2004 Karaoke Version)
11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Karaoke Version)
12. Save Me (2004 Karaoke Version)
13. Play The Game (Karaoke Version)
14. Another One Bites The Dust (Karaoke Version)
15. Flash (Karaoke Version)
16. Keep Yourself Alive (1998 Karaoke Version)
17. A Kind of Magic (Karaoke Version)
18. Under Pressure (1998 Karaoke Version)
19. Radio Ga Ga (Karaoke Version)
20. I Want It All (Karaoke Version)
21. I Want To Break Free (Karaoke Version)
22. It's A Hard Life (DVD Karaoke Version)
23. Breakthru (Karaoke Version)
24. Who Wants To Live Forever (Karaoke Version)
25. The Miracle (Karaoke Version)
26. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Karaoke Version)
27. The Invisible Man (Karaoke Version)
28. Hammer To Fall (Karaoke Version)
29. Friends Will Be Friends (1998 Karaoke Version)
30. The Show Must Go On (Karaoke Version)
31. One Vision (Karaoke Version)
Bonus Tracks
32. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (DVD Karaoke Version)
33. Heaven For Everyone (DVD Karaoke Version)
34. A Winter's Tale (DVD Karaoke Version)
35. I Was Born To Love You (DVD Karaoke Version)