Brian May:
"The whole song, Last Horizon, as featured on the "Back to the Light" album, is a kind of compilation. I tried the tune two different ways, one with a gentle syncopated beat, and one with the straight 4-4 slow rock beat that you hear on this backing track download. When it came to putting the whole album together, I liked BOTH versions, and then I discovered that one made a good introduction to the other. So we 'spliced' them together, with the snare beat which opens this second piece. I don't remember exactly, but I think we probably did this AFTER the separate mixes, so it's possible that I remembered to run off a backing track mix for one part, and not the other. If we don't have the first part as a backing track, we could do a small mix at some point ... For the live version, on tour with the BMB, I found I didn't need the syncopated part at all."