Brian May:
"It's Late was much later, and written when my life and my experiences were very different - I had become a creature of the road - the touring world - and it seemed to me that most of the time "On the Road" was a place disconnected from home and normal life. (We are talking time before mobile phones here, and we couldn't afford to even phone home very often in the early days.) As with a lot of my stuff, it was partly very personal, and partly filtered from what I saw around me in a broad sense. The song is written in three "Scenes" because I saw the scenes as being in these almost unconnected worlds. But I'll have to leave you figure out who are the characters in each scene, and what the outcome is!!! "It's Late" very much also included my strong feelings that there are some things in life which CANNOT be decided - they are going to happen no matter what control we try to exert.."