Liner Notes

Yes, it's been 6 years -
a very long time to make my second solo album.
Of course there were a few distractions...
I would love to tell you that after "Back To The Light",
I stepped into a luminous place where life all made sense.
But of course that is not the case.
I would love to say at least that I found the True Direction,
free my Spirit, and could tell you all about it,
but, alas, no - not even close... Hey! - I tried...
This album is the outpouring of a confused brain still trying
to make sense of EVERYTHING, and amidst
vast areas of despair, finding a few flashes of light.
These are what I would like to share with you.
Just one warning - in Another World,
things are never QUITE what they seem...
That's it. We journey on. Hope you Enjoy.

Brian May
March '98

Arrangement and Production - Brian May
Engineering and Co-Production - Justin Shirley-Smith
Executive Management - Jim Beach
Management, Therapy, Day Care - Julie Glover

Design and Photography - Richard Gray
Equipment Supervision, Maintenance, Stuff - Peter Malandrone
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Town House Studios

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming by Brian May, except where otherwise listed.

Allerton Hill Studio designed adn built by
Justin Shirley-Smith and Justin Crew

Technically above the call of duty- (special thanks, Guys)
Tad, Jerry, Angus and Oz at Tickle Hire
Ian (Zippy) Sylvester at DAT
Tim (Shicadance) Shaxton at HHB
Matt Tait and Matt Howe at Metropolis Studios

Technical credits with thanks to:
Tim Hurrell, Rupert Pfaff, Nick Thomas, Jerry Crockford,
Ian Law, Dave Newson, James Dunbar, Ian Southwell,
Simon Pool, Adrian Loader, Pete Thomas,
Gwyn Mathias, Sanjeev Ashar, Alan Scalley, Peter Peck, Martin Gravestock, Chris Lovell, Jim and Terry Marshall
(Marshall Amps), Dagmar Umbreit (Maxima Strings),
Steve Prior, Steve Risden and the residual Studio Mouse.

My grateful personal thanks to:
Anita Dobson - Love, Partnership and Soul Support
Phil Symes - Public Relations
Greg Fryer - Guitar Surgeon, and creator of 3 new B.M.
Guitars, which appear alongside my original
Red Special on this album
Jacky Smith, Val Moss - International Queen Fan Club
Don Barwis - Butler!
Dave Potter - Electrics
Barker and Tuck - Refurbishments
Mick Meehan - Luxury Transports of Delight
Marjie Winter - Dusting and Polishing
Chrissy May - for my Children
Jimmy May - Life-saving Pal
Louisa May - for sharing the unreality I live in
Emily May - Sunshine
Ruth May - Spirit of Allerton Hill
Harold May - for the Guitar, and much more

Gerry Stickells, Peter Chant, Melanie Keady, Ruth Rivera,
Neal Levin, all at Robertson Taylor, Robert Lee, Vicky Vocat,
Anne Meyer, Karen Goodman, Gay Marshall, Rupert Perry,
J.F. Cecillon, Helmut Fest, Tony Wadsworth, Sue Lacey,
Carol Baxter, Mitch Clarke, Malcolm Hill and all at EMI
Records Worldwide, Michael Eisner, Lucille Martin,
Bob Cavallo, Dave Berman and all at Hollywood Records,
USA, Barry Guy and all at Electrola Records,Germany, all at
Warner Pioneer, Japan, Ernst Chapman, Ralph Baker,
Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher and Alina, Brian Zellis,
Eddie Naughton (tech to Mr. Powell), Garry Mackenzie,
Ravi, Bevo and Bill, Dirk Maggs (for Super-Mario Rolls),
Andy Wood (for questionable humour), Hilary Bevan Jones,
Sally Gallagher, Martin Groves, Andy Jones, Peter Howitt,
Charles Montagu, Simon Boyd, Nigel Spate and Robert
Godfrey at Psion, Rod McNeil, Roger (Photo-Historian) Taylor,
Elena Vidal, Eren Mehmed, Paul Evans, John Mills,
Derek Allen, Wally Gore, Hannie Roggeveen, Shirley Harkins,
Davide Traversi, Andreas Voigts, Ron-the-Dog, Max, the Dog,
and of course Brandy, the Pusser. And welcome to Bay!

Much love to all members of the Queen Fan Club

To Tom Short, Jack Nelson & Co., Tony Iommi,
and Cozy, for vital support and friendship

To the brilliant Justin, for his infinite patience,
excellence, and encouragement

Fond regards to the Water Rats, Zucchero, Joe Elliott,
Mr. Vai, Mr. Satriani, the kind people of the beautiful island of
El Hierro, and my pals Roger and John, and Freddie,
if you’re listening… and to Jeff Beck, the Guv’nor.

And my very special thanks to Julie. It is only thanks to her
unfailing TLC that I was able to finish this project.

This album is dedicated to my Mum and to our dear friend Cozy.
Life will never be the same without you.
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Recording Studios

Allerton Hill Studio
Surrey, England

In late 1989, Justin Shirley-Smith (and crew) designed and built a home studio for Brian May. Brian used the studio for his two main solo projects Back To The Light and Another World.

Parts of Queen's Made In Heaven, Let Me In Your Heart Again, and Love Kills - The Ballad were also worked on at the studio.

Brian May & Justin Shirley-Smith in 2002

Roger, Chris Thomas, & Brian in 2013

Brian May at Allerton Hill, 2014