Produced by Freddie Mercury, Mike Moran
and David Richards

All songs composed by Freddie Mercury
and Mike Moran except lyrics on
'Ensueño' by Montserrat Caballé and
lyrics on 'The Fallen Priest' and 'The
Golden Boy' by Tim Rice

Assistant engineers: Richard Dodd, John Brough
and Andy Mason
Musical associate: Kevin Townend
Songs arranged by Mike Moran and Freddie Mercury
All keyboards: Mike Moran
Bass guitar on 'How Can I Go On'
by John Deacon
Assisted on 'Barcelona' by:
Homi Kanga, Violin; Laurie Lewis, Violin;
Deborah Ann Johnston, Cello;
Barry Castle, Horn; Frank Ricoffi, Percussion.
Assisted on 'The Golden Boy' by:
Backing vocals:
Madeline Bell, Debbie Bishop,
Lance Ellington, Mirian Stockley,
Peter Straker, Mark Williamson,
Carol Woods.

Recorded at:
The Townhouse Studios, London
Mountain Studios, Montreux
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalfe at
The Townhouse Studios

Special thanks to Jim Beach and Carlos Caballé

Thanks to:
Mary Austin, Joe Fannelli, Peter Freestone,
Terry Giddings, Jim Hutton, John Libson,
Roxy Meade, Julie Glover, Susan Vila,
Montse Caballé, Reuel Sherwood, Montsita
and Ana, Bernabé Senior and Junior,
Isabel Caballé, Carlos Suárez, Fefa Cirera,
Pilar Cirera, Brigitte and Carlitos.

And thank you Pino Sagliocco for your special
contribution in instigating this project and
for all your help and enthusiasm.

Design by: Richard Gray
Cover Photography by: Peter Hince
and Terry O'Neill

1992 Remaster
Digitally remastered by Eddy Schreyer at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood.