Liner Notes

all songs written by roger taylor
except 'be with you' written by roger taylor
and rufus tiger taylor.
published by nightjar productions ltd. /
sonyatv emi music publishing ltd.

produced by joshua j macrae and roger taylor
engineered by joshua j macrae

management - jim beach

pa to rt - justine ellis

design by roger taylor and richard gray
mosaic art - thea kurun
photography - richard gray
globe - felix taylor

pr - dawbell and phil symes

in loving memory of my mum... who finally left me
after being a wonderful mother... probably a bit of a
relief for her...i promise i'll get a proper job someday

special thanks
jeff beck courtesy of rhino, nigel burchett and
emma donoghue

nick weymouth, kris fredriksson, justin shirley-smith,
willis spencer, ashley stevenson, stuart bell,
kevin metcalfe at the sound masters, ian silvester
at teh aquarium, paul alexander at cedar audio,
david lockey at innerclocks systems, garrison
& dave phillips at dw, tina clarke at zildjan,
chaz & alex at source distribution, steve fisher at aim
productions, dean bowdery at protection racket, erica
mcdaniel & all at universal audio,
tom harrold at audio technics, petteri taponen at
sandhill audio, gary mann at remo, ben davies
at vic firth, simon 'poodle' pool, jacky smith at the
queen fan club, julia, nathan & jasmine macrae,
sarina bean, felix, rory, rufus, tigerlily, lola - horseface.
ted cockle, andrew daw, tom march and all at
universal and virgin emi... and of course brian may
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Recording Studios

The Priory
Surrey, England

The Priory is Roger Taylor's current studio, located at his home in Surrey. So far, two major projects have been recording there. The Cosmos Rocks, featuring lead vocals by Paul Rodgers, was recorded and mixed in full at the location. More recently, Roger Taylor's latest solo album Fun On Earth was recorded there. The studio is featured throughout Roger's solo video The Unblinking Eye.

Roger Taylor, Paul Rodgers, & Brian May

The Cosmos Rocks sessions

The Unblinking Eye video