This is a truly Anglo-French collaboration!
I first saw the embryonic "Furia" in Paris in January 1999.
Watching it I was taken completely by surprise. The film moved
my insides so deeply, that I thought it would be too painful for
me to work on it. But I was hooked, and Furia has become a big
part of my life's journey. I ended up working directly with the
film's creator Alexandre, with none of the usual Film Company
intermediaries, to produce, for the first time in my life, a
complete film score. The sounds and music and words of this
package are a curious mixture of French and English, for which
we make no apology. FURIA is timeless and belongs to the world.


BM June 2000

Written, Arranged and Produced by Brian May

Co-produced and Engineered by Justin Shirley-Smith

Orchestrations by Michael Reed

Performed by The London Musicians Orchestra
Conducted by Michael Reed

Vocals, guitars and keyboard programming by Brian May

Solo Flute - Phillipa Davies
First Violin - Rolf Wilson
Solo Horn - Dave Lee
'Apparition' Vocal - Emily May

Engineer for Orchestral Recording - Dick Lewzey
Assistant Engineer - Erik Jordan
Fixer - Sylvia Addison
Copyist - Richard Ihnatowicz
Orchestral Contractor - London Musicians Ltd.
M.U. Rep. - Howard Evans
Equipment Supervision - Pete Malandrone

Director of the Film - Alexandre Aja
Producer of the Film - Alexandre Arcady
Management to Brian May - Jim Beach, Julie Glover
Publisher and Liaison - Gilbert Marouani

Recorded at Allerton Hill, and CTS Studios Wembley,
January - March 1999
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe and Gordon Vicary
at The Soundmasters, London

Published by Duck Productions Ltd. / EMI Music
Publishing Ltd.
Lyrics reproduced by kind permission

Tango: 'Cuesta Abajo' written by Carlos Gardel
Performed by Manuel Cedron
Courtesy of Alexandre Films

'Bird in Hand' written by Lee Scratch Perry
Performed by The Upsetters
Courtesy of Polygram

Respect to Julio Cortazar,
author of the novel 'Graffiti'

Sleeve Design by Richard Gray and BM
Artwork by Richard Gray
Front cover illustration by Jerome Trebois
Film stills (c) 2000 Paname Cinema
Brian/Alexandre photo (c) Alan Strutt/Sygma

My thanks to Tony Wadsworth, Lucy Bateman,
Anne Meyer, Sara Bricusse, Pat Dodds,
Dominique Taylor, Sally Frost, Stanislas Merhar,
Marion Cotillard, Wadeck Stanczak
and especially to Alexandre, without whom...!

To Anita, my eternal inspiration