Additional keyboards, guitar and vocals:
Spike 'The Duke' Edney


Recorded at Wembley Stadium and Knebworth
Park, England and Nepstadion, Budapest,
Recorded by Mack and David Richards
Recorded on the Manor Mobile, the Rolling
Stones Mobile and The Power Sound Mobile
Mixed at the Townhouse Studios
Mastered by Kevin Metcalf at the
Townhouse Studios
Engineered by John 'Teddy Bear' Brough

Business management: Jim 'Miami' Beach
Tour production and management: Gerry 'Uncle
Grumpy' Stickells for GLS Productions Inc.
Band coordinator: Chris 'Crystal' Taylor
Production and stage managers: Rick 'Parnelli'
O'Brien and Mike 'M.I.' Wiesman
Pre-production coordinator: Brian Croft for
Samuelsons Group Plc.
Concert sound: James 'Trip' Khalaf for Clair
Brothers Audio US & UK.
Monitor Engineer: Jim 'Mary' Devenney
Sound technicians: Rex Ray, Tom 'Midget'
Foehlinger, Barry Clair and Bill Louthe
Lighting designer: Roy 'Cliff' Bennett
Lighting: Zenith Lighting Ltd.
Lighting director: Simon Tutchener
Lighting technicians: Steve Moles, Tim Phillips,
Gerry Mott, Guy Forrester, Bob Batty, Dave Hill
for Vari-Lites and Alan Espley for Light and
Sound Design
Guitar technician: Brian 'Jobby' Zellis
Keyboard and bass technicians: Peter 'Ratty'
Hince and John 'Collie' Collins
Drum technician: Neil 'Moxie' Glover
Piano tuner: Steven Benjamins
Rigger: Charlie 'High Steel Drifter' Boxhall
Carpenters: Dave 'Batman' Irwin and Alex 'Zeus'
Band assistant: Joe 'Liza' Fanelli
Assistant to tour manager: Sylvia Reed
Wardrobe: Tony 'Mr. Hyde' Williams
Stage costumes: Diana Moseley
Physiotherapist: Dieter 'Fizzy-O' Breit
Security: Wally Gore, John 'Tunbridge' Wells,
Terry Giddings, Jim Callaghan, Dave Mills and
Brendan Hyland
Trucking: Edwin Shirley Trucking Ltd.
Drivers: Mickey Conafray, Albert Stutton, Alan
'Vera' Moore, John 'B.J.' Lewis, George Stedman,
Ted Winfield, Nigel Auckland, Joe Harrison and
Tim Davis
Buses: Len Wright Travel
Drivers: Mick Dean and Graham Joggins
Staging: Edwin Shirley Staging
Staging coordinator: Graeme Fleming and
Henry Crallen
Staging crew: Tom Armstrong, Dale Scotting,
Dragon Kuzmanov and Phillip Pescod
Set design: Planview, Inc. John McGraw and
John Miles
Set construction: Kimpton Walker Ltd.
Travel: Trinifold Travel Ltd. Mike Hawksworth
and Alan Newing
U.S. travel: Air Apparent, Inc. Paula Lessel
Accounting: Peter Chant
U.K. Publicity: Roxy Meade
U.S. Publicity: Bryn Bridenthal
Freight forwarders: Rock-It Cargo Ltd and
Rock-It Cargo, Inc.
Catering: Toad in the Hole, Dave Keeble,
Dave Lewis, Dave Thomas, Mick 'Not Dave'
Riddle, Lindsey 'Not Dave' Beckingham and
Malcolm 'Not Dave' Barnett
Documentary filming: 'The Torpedo Twins',
Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher
Queen Productions Ltd: Julie Nash, Jacky Gunn,
Christine Southard, Mary Collins and Peter
'Feebie' Freestone

The Official International Queen Fan Club
46 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HN, England

Designed by Richard Gray
Photography by Denis 'Scoop' O'Regan,
Neal Preston and Torleif Svensson

2001 Remaster
Remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios 2001.