Liner Notes

Produced and performed by Brian May, Paul Rodgers and Roger Taylor.

Co-produced and engineered by
Joshua J Macrae, Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson

All tracks written by Queen + Paul Rodgers
Published by Queen Music Ltd. / EMI Music Publishing Ltd. / Heartstar Music Inc.

Recorded and mixed at The Priory
Studio assistance by Zebedee Mullen and Tom Mitchell
Studio co-ordination and PA to Mr Taylor: Justine "The Enforcer" Ellis

Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London
Assisted by Alex Wordsworth

Queen Management: Jim Beach
Paul Rodgers Management: Chris Crawford
Paul Rodgers Business Manager: Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers

Design: Richard Gray
Press and Publicity: The PR Contact, Phil Symes
Photography: Edgar Martins
Extra backing vocals on C-lebrity: Taylor Hawkins courtesy of RCA Records

The Official Queen International Fan Club:
PO Box 141, West Horsley, Surrey KT24 9AJ

Roger Taylor: My thanks and inspiration from:
Dear Sarina, my "brightest sparks", Felix, Rory, Rufus, Tigerlily & Lola!
Clare, Sophie and of course my dear mother - the Archduchess of Cornwall!
Drums: Nigel "Stix" Burchett

Brian May's special thanks:
To my dear wife Anita, and Jimmy, Louisa and Emily - the apples of my eye.

PA to Dr. May: Claire Bartlett
Guitar Technical Supervisor: Pete Malandrone
Stress-free studio transport: Philip Webb
Brian's Soapbox is at

Paul Rodgers thanks the force for being with us. (seriously!)
Thanks to the Universe for arming me with my angel Cynthia.
Love and thanks to my little rays of sunshine on a cloudy day,
Natalie, Steve, Jasmine and Sonny
PA to Paul Rodgers: Brad Gregory
Technical Supervisor: Markus Wolfe

Special Thanks: John Deacon, Paul Kossoff, Guy Hands,
Elio Leoni-Sceti, Nick Gatfield, Billy Mann and the new team at
EMI, Bob Cavallo, Charlie D'Atri, Joey Scoleri and all at
Hollywood Records, Gary Arnold, Steve Prior, Dean Crathern,
Tony Hall, Lynn Collins, Christine Esher, Sara Bricusse,
Sally Frost, Jennifer Tunney, Nick Robinson, Melanie Keady,
Simon Pool (Poodle), Paul Nice, Peter Chant, Robert Lee,
Anne Meyer, Greg Brooks, Jacky Smith, Anthony Cauchi,
Simon Lupton, Rhys Thomas, Julia Macrae, Tracy Shirley-Smith,
Linda Fredriksson, Ben Elton, Jer Bulsara, Nick Weymouth,
Trip Khalaf, Aubrey Powell, Claudette Murti, Brenda Murti,
Ian Silvester (DAT), Steve Fisher (Genelec), FX Rentals,
Derek Buckingham (White Mark), Geoff Callingham,
Dean Bowdery (Protection Racket), Dean Wilmarsh (HHB),
Tim Hurrell (Digidesign), Tarmo Simola (SEC Audio), Tickle Hire,
Tim Holbert (Waves), Tina Clarke (Zildjian), Steven Vega (DW
Drums), Ludwig, Don Sleishman (Sleishman Drums), Vic Firth,
Yan GIlbert-Miguet (Gearbox), Simon Beaumont (Simms /
Crumpler), Mike Macrae (RIP), Judy Tint, Sonia Diwan,
Chris Sampson, Ian Shanks, Dave Hawker (Sennheiser),
Barry Moorhouse and Deano (Brian May Guitars), Mark Foster
(FCN Music), Mike Hill Services, Alan Scally (Vox),
Andrew Morgan (A Strings), Greg Fryer and Nigel Knight,
Andrew Guyton (Guyton Guitars), Trever Goetz, Pam Gore,
(Rhythm Tech), The Fender Center, Bob Heil (Heil Sound
Microphones), Monster Cable and Mark Kirkland (Yamaha)

Big thanks to our brilliant touring musicians:
Spike Edney, Jamie Moses, Danny Miranda

And to all our fans and friends out there, old and new

This album is dedicated to Freddie Mercury
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Recording Studios

The Priory
Surrey, England

The Priory is Roger Taylor's current studio, located at his home in Surrey. So far, two major projects have been recording there. The Cosmos Rocks, featuring lead vocals by Paul Rodgers, was recorded and mixed in full at the location. More recently, Roger Taylor's latest solo album Fun On Earth was recorded there. The studio is featured throughout Roger's solo video The Unblinking Eye.

Roger Taylor, Paul Rodgers, & Brian May

The Cosmos Rocks sessions

The Unblinking Eye video