46664 Studio Sessions

Nelson Mandela's 46664 organization was started in 2003 to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS. Multiple artists and musicians provided downloadable studio tracks to help raise awareness. Queen, now consisting of just Roger and Brian, provided tracks towards this cause. 46664 concerts were held at various venues around the world with the first one taking place in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2003.

The Call

The Call (BBC Radio Mix) 4:27
Appears on: Unreleased (Has been broadcast on UK Radio)

The Call was written by Brian May for Nelson Mandela's 46664 campaign and was played at the inaugural concert. Ironically, the track was never officially available for download, but it was featured on BBC Radio. The Call sounds very similar to Brian's solo work. Brian is more or less talking as opposed to singing. The chorus is a repeats 4-6-6-6-4. The guitar work is very good, but not good enough to make this a track to listen to over and over. This version can be found to download, but quality is poor since it was ripped from the radio.

The Call (Mix 2) 4:35
Appears on: Unreleased (Has been broadcast on UK Radio)

Another mix of The Call found it's way to the internet in recent years. The quality is hugely improved from the BBC Radio Mix. There is also a lyric change at the beginning of the song:
BBC Radio Mix Lyric: "There was a man in the street just the other day, with a tear and a hand stretched out looking my way".
Mix 2 Lyric: "There was a man in the street just the other day, with a thin long hand stretched out looking my way".


Amandla 4:39
Appears on: 46664 website downloadable track

Amandla is a studio track featuring Anastacia, Dave Stewart (from the Eurythmics), and Queen (Brian and Roger). The track doesn't sound like there is much Queen influence present. The vocals by Anastacia are great and sound very soulful. The middle portion of the song has a prayer from Mr. Africa, which takes away from the song quite a bit. If you listen closely, you'll even hear some Red Special. Dave Stewart and Brian May are credited as writers of the track.

Invincible Hope

Invincible Hope 4:42
Appears on: 46664 website downloadable track

Roger Taylor contributed two songs to the 46664 campaign, including Invicible Hope. Naturally, Invincible Hope is a very Roger sounding track. Roger's vocals are spot on and compliment the song very well. The backing bass track is basic and almost sounds like Another One Bites The Dust. Voice clips from Nelson Mandela appear throughout the song. The backing vocals are provided from session musicians, which takes away from the song a bit. Brian's Red Special can be heard throughout.

Invincible Hope (One Year On Remix) 4:14
Appears on: iTunes exclusive 46664 - One Year On EP

One year after the 46664 concert, a special edition EP was released. The One Year On Remix is a very good remix of the original track. The percussion is snappier, more synthesizer has been added, and the vocals have been rearranged slightly with added echo and effects. The guitar parts are much more prominent and sound better. The ending has also been reworked featuring more of the chorus. The only negative is that Roger's "Hold on to your life.." lyric has been removed.

Say It's Not True

Say It's Not True (46664 Studio Version) 2:41
Appears on: Puttenham Priory Studio CD-R

In October 2003, two new Queen studio tracks from Brian May and Roger Taylor, Amandla and Invincible Hope, were released as online downloads for the 46664 campaign. Both tracks were also later performed for the 46664 concert in South Africa the following month. Interestingly, the concert opened with a third new Queen track performed by Roger, Brian, and Dave Stewart, titled Say It's Not True. It was assumed a studio recording of Say It's Not True would be available for download but it never came to be. The song was later performed by Queen + Paul Rodgers as part of their 2005 and 2006 tours featuring Roger on lead vocals with Danny Maranda and Jamie Moses splitting acoustic guitar duties. A studio version was released in December 2007 by Queen + Paul Rodgers featuring Roger, Brian, and Paul each singing a verse. This version would later end up on their 2008 album The Cosmos Rocks. Roger revisited the track again for his 2013 album Fun On Earth featuring legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. Finally, the original unreleased 46664 studio recording from 2003 was sold on eBay in 2022 as a CD-R disc originating from Roger's Puttenham Priory Studio. The 46664 studio version is just Roger on lead vocals (with a slight phase effect) and no backup harmonies. The track opens with synths that are later reused on the QPR video version. The backing track is completely acoustic guitar (unknown if it's Roger or Brian), synth keyboards, and a little hi-hat or maraca in the background. The most surprising aspect of the track is Roger's vocals and much of the first two minutes were later used for the Queen + Paul Rodgers studio version. Special thanks to Richard Guilbault for providing information and part of this text.