Produced by: Brian May
Co-Produced & Engineered by: Justin Shirley-Smith & Kris Fredriksson
Recorded at: Allerton Hill, Studio 606, The Priory, Lightning Sound Studio, Sound Check Studios, British Grove Studios, Abbey Road, Angel Studios, Air Studios
UK Decca CD: 13 September 2010 2740128 / UK Chart #15
USA Decca CD: 2010 BOO14743-02 / Did Not Chart

1. Dangerland (May) 5:59
2. Anthem (Andersson/Ulvaeus/Rice) 3:17
3. I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over) (May/Black) 3:55
4. Defying Gravity (Schwartz) 4:15
5. I'm Not The Girl (Schwartz) 3:47
6. You Have To Be There (Andersson/Ulvaeus/Rice) 4:27
7. Love It When You Call (Sells/Jones/Jeremiah/Jeremiah/Stewart) 3:36
8. Save Me (May) 3:59
9. Diamonds Are Forever (Barry/Black) 3:04
10. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (May) 5:18
11. I Loved A Butterfly (May) 3:09


UK Singles
- No-One But You digital download / Did Not Chart
- Wicked In Rock CD EP / Did Not Chart
- I'm Not That Girl / Dangerland digital download / Did Not Chart
- Anthem digital single / Did Not Chart
- Defying Gravity (G-A-Y Mix Edit) / Defying Gravity / Defying Gravity (G-A-Y Mix) CD single / Did Not Chart

Album Info

Kerry Ellis is a UK singer who found great success in theater and musicals. In 2001, she debuted on the West End in My Fair Lady. Her performance was noticed by Brian May, who encouraged her to audition for the new Queen themed musical "We Will Rock You". Ellis landed the role of Meat and was the first to perform the character. Her character had a key moment in the musical, performing No-One But You. Musically, Brian took a great interest in Ellis and continued to work with her past her time in We Will Rock You.

Ellis released a 2008 EP called Wicked In Rock which was produced, arranged, and accompanied by Brian May. This EP served as a teaser for her first full album, 2010's Anthems. Anthems, like Wicked In Rock, was produced by Brian May, who also performed on the album (guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, backing vocals, arrangements). The album features The London Session Orchestra, conducted by Steve Sidwell, and lots of guest musicians and friends (Roger Taylor, Rufus Taylor, and Taylor Hawkins to name a few).

Tracks from the album are a mixture of musical theater standards, original songs by May, motion picture tracks, and a few Queen tracks. Anthems was successful, reaching #15 on the UK albums chart.

Ellis and May later toured together to support the Anthems project. Since then, the two have toured multiple times, released a live album, live DVD, and another studio album.


Dangerland 5:59
Appears on: Anthems, Track 1

Dangerland, the opening track of the album, is a really good sounding rock track. Brian's influence is obvious throughout. Of all the tracks, this one seems to be the most liked by Queen fans. This would have been a good song to use for the Queen + Paul Rodgers project (in my opinion). John Miceli plays drums on the track.


Anthem 3:17
Appears on: Anthems, Track 2

Anthem is a song that originally appeared in the musical Chess. The music was written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus (of Abba); lyrics were by Tim Rice. Kerry performed the song live in 2008 as part of the Chess In Concert show at the Royal Albert Hall. John Miceli plays drums.

I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over)

I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over) 3:55
Appears on: Anthems, Track 3

I Can't Be You Friend is a new track that Brian May wrote with lyricist Don Black. Black is known best for his work with Andrew Lloyd Webber and work on James Bond theme songs. John Miceli plays drums on the song.

Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity 4:15
Appears on: Anthems, Track 4

Defying Gravity is the primary song from the musical Wicked. Kerry perfomed the lead role of Elphaba in London and on Broadway. Compared to the original version, this is a much heavier, orchestral rock number. Also of note, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins plays drums on the track. The album version of this track segues into the next song, I'm Not That Girl.

Defying Gravity (Wicked In Rock Edit) 4:03
Appears on: Wicked In Rock EP

The Kerry Ellis + Brian May version of Defying Gravity made its first appearance on the 2008 Wicked In Rock EP. This version is slightly edited compared to the final album version that appeared on Anthems. The ending of the track fades early in this edit, as opposed to segueing into I'm Not That Girl like on the album version.

Defying Gravity (G-A-Y Mix) 6:26
Appears on: Defying Gravity CD single

The G-A-Y Mix of Defying Gravity was released in 2011 to raise money for The Mercury Phoenix Trust. The backing track is replaced with a dance-oriented backbeat. Also of note, two additional verses are on this version. Brian's guitar work is still there, but the track still sounds very different.

Defying Gravity (G-A-Y Mix Edit) 3:41
Appears on: Defying Gravity CD single

This edit of the G-A-Y Mix shortens the intro and outro and removes many of the instrumental parts that appeared in the original G-A-Y Mix. The two added verses do not appear in this version.

I'm Not That Girl

I'm Not That Girl 3:47
Appears on: Anthems, Track 5

I'm Not That Girl is also a song from the musical Wicked. Taylor Hawkins plays drums on this track. The album version features a very minor segue at the beginning from Defying Gravity.

I'm Not That Girl (Stand-Alone Version) 3:46
Appears on: Wicked In Rock EP

The stand-alone version of I'm Not That Girl does not feature the segue from Defying Gravity that appears on the album version.

You Have To Be There

You Have To Be There 4:27
Appears on: Anthems, Track 6

You Have To Be There is a song featured in the musical Kristina fran Duvemala. This track, like Anthem, was written by the team of Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus (of Abba); lyrics were by Tim Rice. Kerry premiered the English lyrics for the song at the Thank You For The Music event, which was a tribute to Andersson and Ulvaeus' careers. This studio version features Rufus Taylor, son of Roger Taylor, on drums.

Love It When You Call

Love It When You Call 3:36
Appears on: Anthems, Track 7

Love it When You Call is a top 20 single from UK pop band The Feeling. This studio version from Kerry Ellis features Rufus Taylor on drums.

Save Me

Save Me 3:59
Appears on: Anthems, Track 8

Brian May's influence is heard througout the Anthems album. That is most obvious in Kerry's cover of Save Me. This is a nice alternative to the Queen version. Brian's guitar sounds really great too. Rufus Taylor plays drums on this one.

Save Me (Save Me Campaign Version) 3:58
Appears on: Save Me Website

Save Me, from Anthems, originally appeared in shortened form on the Save Me website. Save Me is an organization started by Brian May that focuses on animal rights. The website version is mostly instrumental, featuring Brian's guitar performing the lyrics of the song. At 2 minutes in, vocals appear and carry on through the remainder of the song.

Diamond Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever 3:04
Appears on: Anthems, Track 9

Diamonds Are Forever is the title track and title to the 1971 James Bond film. The original version was sung by Shirley Bassey, who also performed the title track to Goldfinger. This Kerry Ellis version is fantastic. Brian's guitar work sounds great and fits well with the track. Rufus Taylor plays drums on the song as well.

No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) 5:18
Appears on: Anthems, Track 10, Wicked In Rock EP, No-One But You download single, We Will Rock You Around The World EP

One of the highlights of the We Will Rock You Musical was Kerry Ellis' performance of the final Queen song, No-One But You. The studio recording pre-dates the album by 5 years, originally released in 2005 as a free download on Queenonline. The track was originally billed as Queen + Kerry Ellis because Roger plays drums on the song. The title was different too, originally known as No-One But You (Orchestral Version). The track was later featured on the We Will Rock You - Around The World EP and on the Wicked In Rock EP. Keith Prior also plays drums on the track (brushes).

I Loved A Butterfly

I Loved A Butterfly 3:09
Appears on: Anthems, Track 11

If this song sounds familiar, that's because it is "Some Things That Glitter", originally recorded by Queen + Paul Rodgers. The track began life as far back as the '80s with Brian's demo "Butterfly" (as heard in The Magic Years' "One Vision" segment). Why the name change? Who knows. It's possible this is the original title and it was changed for The Cosmos Rocks, seeing as Brian referred to the demo as "Butterfly" long before he, Roger and Paul recorded it. This new version from Kerry Ellis is much more stripped down, accompanied only by Brian on acoustic guitar.