Love Kills

Produced by: Freddie Mercury, Giorgio Moroder, and Mack
Recorded at: Musicland Studios
UK CBS 7": 10 September 1984 A 4735 / UK Chart #10
UK CBS 12: 10 September 1984 TA 4735
US Columbia 7": 11 September 1984 38-04606 / US Chart #69
US Columbia 12": 11 September 1984 38-04606

7" Side One
1. Love Kills (Mercury/Moroder) 4:31

  7" Side Two
1. Rotwang's Party (Robot Dance) (Moroder) 3:09

12" Side One
1. Love Kills (Extended Version) (Mercury/Moroder) 5:22

  12" Side Two
1. Rotwang's Party (Robot Dance) (Extended Version) (Moroder) 5:20

Single Info

Italian music producer Giorgio Moroder purchased the rights to the classic 1927 Fritz Lang silent science fiction film, Metropolis. Moroder's original intent was to re-released the film with a contempory soundtrack composed and performed with current pop artists. Moroder's $200,000 investment turned into a much more intensive project than he anticipated as there was no definitive version of the film, leading to not only a major sonic reconstruction but a visual restoration as well.

Freddie Mercury was one of the artists approached by Moroder for his Metropolis project, specifically with the track Love Kills. According to Brian May, Mercury rewrote the whole track; not surprisingly, Moroder later stated Freddie was "difficult to work with".

Love Kills was recording during sessions for Queen's eleventh studio album The Works. Credited as Freddie Mercury's first solo release, Love Kills features the entire band - Brian and John on guitar and Roger on percussion. Love Kills was released on 7" and 12" from CBS on September 10, 1984 in the UK, reaching #10 on the UK chart. The US received the track a day later, reaching only #69 on the BIllboard chart.

In subsequent years after Freddie's death, Love Kills has been remixed multiple times by various artists for various club releases and Freddie solo compilations. A true Queen version finally emerged on the 2014 compilation album Queen Forever. The track was presented to Brian May at the insistence of Queen manager Jim "Miami" Beach. It was discovered that Mercury's lead vocals from the multitrack were clear of any other noise, a pure clean performance. With that, May rearranged the track, removing the dance/disco elements and presenting the song as a ballad. A new backing track was recorded by May and Taylor to accompany Freddie's original vocals and John Deacon's additional electric guitar.

Love Kills

Love Kills 4:31
Appears on: UK Love Kills 7" vinyl, UK Love Kills 7" picture disc, The Freddie Mercury Album, Metropolis Soundtrack, Solo, The Solo Collection, Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs, Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition), Germany Love Kills promo CD single (2006), Germany Love Kills CD single (2006), Holland Love Kills CD single (2006), Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles

Love Kills is the first solo track credited to Freddie Mercury. An idea of the song was presented to Freddie by Giorgio Moroder for his new edit and restoration of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" film. Mercury reworked Moroder's original idea for the track in his own fashion. Love Kills was recorded during The Works sessions and even though it is credited as a Freddie solo track, all four members of Queen worked on the song. Love Kills became a minor hit, charting at number 10 in the UK.

Love Kills (2019 Never Boring Mix) 4:29
Appears on: Never Boring CD, Never Boring vinyl, Never Boring Box Set

Love Kills (Extended Version) 5:22
Appears on: UK Love Kills 12" vinyl, UK I Was Born To Love You double 7" vinyl, Solo, The Solo Collection

An extended version of the original, also known as the Extended Dance Remix on the US 12" vinyl release. This extended version is very similar to the regular version, featuring some remixing and lots of extended synth instrumental bits.

Love Kills (Argentina Promo Edit) 3:26
Appears on: Argentina Love Kills 7" promo vinyl

This edit is only available on an Argentina 7" promo vinyl. The A-Side has the Love Kills edit; the B-Side is an edit of the Bonnie Tyler song Here She Comes. This edit fades the track out at 3:26, removing most of the instrumental outro. This is a very effective edit and helps the song get to the point.

Love Kills (Instrumental Version) 4:26
Appears on: The Solo Collection

From The Solo Collection boxet, this is a complete instumental version of the 1984 original release.

Love Kills (Metropolis Film Version) 2:22
Appears on: Metropolis movie

From the Metropolis film, the track opens with some synthesizer sound effects which sound very similar to sci-fi or videogame effects. The track then continues with the familiar sounding Love Kills backing track and Freddie's vocals. The track ends abruptly with Freddie singing "alone...."

Love Kills (Original Wolf Mix) 3:28
Appears on: US The Great Pretender CD, UK In My Defence CD single (Part 2), The Solo Collection

A very interesting remix by American producer and song writer Richard Wolf. This version is highly reworked and does away with the synthesizer sound of the original, instead replacing it with guitar and drums. The track opens with Freddie singing "Love Kills" as some hard guitar chords are played. The lyric structure is slightly different too. A very nice mix that caters more to fans of a hard rock Queen sound as opposed to the pop-synthesizer Queen sound.

Love Kills (Wolf Euro Mix) 3:28
Appears on: UK In My Defence CD single (Part 1), Remixes CD, US Love Kills promo CD, UK In My Defence 7" vinyl

Another good remix from Richard Wolf. This mix very similar to the Original Wolf Mix, but there are some differences. The track starts with Freddie singing a capella, as opposed to being accompanied by guitars (as in the Original Wolf Version). The lyric structure is nearly the same as the original 1984 version, and the overall sound is less rock and more pop. Still, this version is a great departure from the original 1984 version.

Love Kills (Rock Mix) 4:27
Appears on: The Solo Collection, Solo

This rock-influenced remix abandons the synth sounds of the original and instead it creates a live performance sound. Freddie's lead vocals have a slight echo and are accompanied by guitar, drums, and piano. There are live audience background noises added to complete the live ambiance feel. This remix was originally done in by the Fugitive Brothers (Ray Burdis, Carl Ward, Colin Peters, and John Beckett) and was not released until 2000's Freddie Mercury Solo Collection Box Set. This track was originally planned for the 1992 Remixes CD single but was discarded. Extra guitar was provided by Johnny Bivouac.

Love Kills (Jazzy Mix) 4:43
Appears on: Unreleased

The Jazzy mix is the most original and most inspired of all the Fugitive Brothers mixes. The backing track has been replaced with a "jazzy" bass and drum beat. The track opens with slow tempo bass guitar and mixes Freddie's scat section from Living On My Own. From there, the track continues into Love Kills with the backing track replaced with the "jazzy" backing track. This remix was also rejected from both the 1992 Remixes CD single and from the Freddie Mercury Solo Collection Box Set.

Love Kills (Symphony Mix) 3:35
Appears on: Unreleased

Another unreleased 1992 remix from the Fugitive Brothers. This is a very original remix, replacing the synth sounds of the original with a symphony backing track. The vocals and lyrical structure are not changed from the original. This remix was rejected from both the 1992 Remixes CD single and from the Freddie Mercury Solo Collection Box Set.

Love Kills (Fugitive Brothers Radio Mix) 3:42
Appears on: Unreleased

An unreleased 1993 remix by the Fugitive Brothers that was never released. This radio mix has a pop/dance feel to it and sounds similar to the No More Brothers remix of Living On My Own.

Love Kills (Halo Remix Full Version) 8:38
Appears on: Italy Love Kills 12" vinyl (2000)

The Halo Remix originates from an EMI/Dance Factory 12" vinyl that was released in 2000. The remix was done by Robin Barter, who is probably best known for producing Melanie C. This dance mix highly reminiscent of some of the You Don't Fool Me dance remixes. Almost nothing of the original instrumentation remains and that which does is so heavily sampled, processed and remixed as to be unrecognizable. Only a few fragments of the lyrics survive and are scattered here and there throughout, between long instrumental breaks. If you really need to hear a remix of this song, stick with one of the many other mixes, like the Richard Wolf versions.

Love Kills (Lock And Load 7" Edit) 3:35
Appears on: Italy Love Kills 12" vinyl (2000)

The Lock And Load 7" edit is on the B-Side of the Dance Factory/EMI release of Love Kills (Hallo Remix Full Version). Strangely enough, this has never appeared on a 7" and there was never a "full" version released. Also, this version is not an edit of the Halo Remix, rather it is an original remix by Dutch producers Frank Van Rooijen and Niels Piijpers. This dance remix is mostly electronic drum based and doesn't really resemble any of the original backing track.

Love Kills (Star Rider Remix) 3:39
Appears on: Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs, Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition), Germany Love Kills promo CD single (2006), Germany Love Kills CD single (2006), Holland Love Kills CD single (2006)

This is a dance remix by Star Rider that was specifically commissioned for the Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs collection. This is the only new remix to be included on the single disc release. This is a more upbeat and poppier remix. Probably not the best of the 2006 remixes, but it is very good and very listenable.

Love Kills (Sunshine People Radio Mix) 3:16
Appears on: Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition), Germany Love Kills promo CD single (2006), Germany Love Kills CD single (2006)

The Sunshine People Radio Mix leads off the second disc of the Limited Edition version of Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs. The remix was done by Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones, and Andy Kaufhold at Spacedust Studios, Germany. This version is fairly aggressive with lots of trance and dance effects throughout featuring lots of speeding up/slowing down effects, echo effects, and various digital sounds. As a side note, this is basically an edited down version of the full Club Remix.

Love Kills (Sunshine People Club Remix) 5:53
Appears on: Germany Love Kills promo CD single (2006), Germany Love Kills CD single (2006), Holland Love Kills CD single (2006), UK Living On My Own Promo CD (2006)

This is the full version of the radio mix listed above. Again, this is a good mix with some interesting added bits that the radio mix does not have. I think this mix is a tad bit long, but at least it holds your interest throughout and does some different things than the standard dance remix.

Love Kills (Rank 1 Remix) 7:18
Appears on: Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition)

A remix specially commissioned for the 2006 Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs collection by the duo of Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeijand, also known as Rank 1. This is a very long remix with some very dramatic mixing and well placed silent background bits. This remix is very different than the others, featuring a very up tempo and fast backbeat with a lot of breaks. Not a bad mix, but very lengthy for repeated casual listening.

Love Kills (Rank 1 Radio Remix) 3:32
Appears on: Holland Love Kills CD single (2006)

The Rank 1 Radio Remix appears only on a Holland Love Kills CD single. This is a much shorter version of the Rank 1 Remix that appears on the Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs album. The 3:32 run time makes this remix a much easier listen than it's longer counterpart.

Love Kills (Rank 1 Extended Vocal Mix) 7:20
Appears on: Holland Love Kills 12" vinyl

Exactly the same as the Rank 1 Radio Remix, except this version begins with a voice (could be Freddie's) mumbling "Alright." Two seconds and a faintly heard drum track later, the remix kicks in. No need to go out of your way for this unless you really need that bit more Freddie in your mix.

Love Kills (Rank 1 Dub Mix) 7:05
Appears on: Holland Love Kills 12" vinyl

A dance mix with a more aggressive backing track, this could have been a very good remix if it had retained the entire vocal track. Instead, "Love Kills" is repeated over and over, and only the middle-eight ("It's just a livin' fast time...") verses live to tell the tale.

Love Kills (Pixel82 Remix) 6:13
Appears on: Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition), UK Love Kills 12" vinyl (2006), UK Living On My Own Promo CD (2006)

Commissioned for Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs, this is an interesting and original by remix by UK musician/remixer Filipe Galante (a.k.a. Pixel 82). The track is highly remixed, having a techno-disco sound to it. At least it is something slightly different and recognizable.

Love Kills (More Oder Rework By The Glimmers) 6:53
Appears on: Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs (Limited Edition), UK Love Kills 12" vinyl (2006)

Another remix commissioned for Lover Of Life Singer Of Songs. What makes this remix interesting is that it is based solely on the original track. There are no added effects or sounds, just remixing of the original track (with some added effects on Freddie's voice here and there). This remix is mostly instrumental the entire way through with some bits of Freddie's vocal mixed in here and there.