Shove It

Produced by: Roger Taylor and David Richards
Recorded at: Mountain Studios, The Townhouse, Air Studios, The Manor, Maison Rouge, Mediterranean Studios
UK Virgin LP: 25 January 1988 V2477 / UK Chart #58
US Virgin LP: 13 April 1988 1-90857 / Did Not Chart

Side One
1. Shove It (Taylor) 3:27
2. Cowboys And Indians (Taylor) 5:53
3. Contact (Taylor) 4:52
4. Heaven For Everyone (Taylor) 4:54
  Side Two
1. Stand Up For Love (Taylor) 4:20
2. Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal) (Taylor) 4:49
3. Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (Taylor) 4:24
4. Rough Justice (Taylor) 4:13

Related Songs
Feel The Force (Taylor), The 2nd Shelf Mix (Taylor)


UK Singles
- Cowboys And Indians (Edit) c/w Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wiley Waitress) (Remix) 7" / UK Chart #74
- Cowboys And Indians c/w Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wiley Waitress) (Remix) 12"
- Shove It c/w Rough Justice 7" / UK Chart #82
- Shove It (Extended Mix) c/w Shove It (Metropolix) / Rough Justice 12"
- Shove It / Rough Justice / Cowboys And Indians (Edit) / Shove It (Extended Mix) CD single
- Heaven For Everyone (RT Vocal) c/w Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal) 7" / UK Chart #84
- Heaven For Everyone (RT Vocal) c/w (Love on A Tightrope (Like An Animal) / Contact 12"

US Single
- Shove It (US Single Version) c/w Feel The Force 7" / Did Not Chart

Album Info

Following the massively successful Magic Tour, Queen started an extended break to work on solo projects. Drummer Roger Taylor began work on a solo project that became a side band that would last for the next few years.

The Cross started with Taylor on guitar and lead vocals and Queen touring keyboardist Spike Edney. Taylor advertised for the remaining musicians Clayton Moss (guitar), Peter Noone (bass), and Josh Macrae (drums).

The Cross' first album, Shove It, was primarily recorded by Taylor before the formation of the band and was released on January 25, 1988, reaching #58 in the UK Charts. Even though Queen were on break, Queen members were very much featured on the album. Freddie Mercury sings lead vocals on the UK album and single version of Heaven For Everyone. Brian May provides guitar on Love Lies Bleeding.

The first single, Cowboys And Indians, released in September 1987, was edited for 7" release and backed with a remix of Love Lies Bleeding. The 12" features the album version on the primary side, backed with the Love Lies Bleeding remix. Cowboys And Indians charted at #74.

The follow-up single, Shove It, was released in January 1988 and reached #82 on the UK chart. Shove It was the only single released in the US with an exclusive single version.

The third and final single, Heaven For Everyone, was originally recorded with Taylor's lead vocal. Freddie Mercury heard the track and demanded to sing it. The Cross version was released with Freddie's vocal on the UK Shove It album while Roger's lead vocal was used on the UK single and US Shove It album. Queen later used the Mercury vocal take and re-recorded the song for use as the lead single on 1995's Made In Heaven.

The US version of the album features an exclusive track, Feel The Force.

Shove It

Shove It (Album Version) 3:27
Appears on: Shove It, Track 1

Shove It (US Single Version) 3:10
Appears on: US Shove It 7" vinyl, US Shove It 7" promo vinyl, The Lot

This edit of Shove It only appears on the US 7" vinyl single and promo releases. At the begining, after the lyrics "You ain't wearin' a tie..." the "VIPs and royalty" line is gone. Also, after "You're in the wrong bracket" it jumps to "Girls...We love it". Note, this song version does not appear on the US 12" vinyl; instead the album version is used.

Shove It (Extended Mix) 5:05
Appears on: UK Shove It 12" vinyl, UK Shove It CD single

More than just an extended version of the album track, this track adds some new lyrics and feels more like a continuation of the song. If you like the album version, you'll probably dig this.

Shove It (Extended Mix - The Lot Remaster Error) 5:50
Appears on: The Lot

On the first singles disc of tracks from The Cross, it was intended for the Extended Mix of Shove It to be included. The wrong audio track was used on The Lot, and the 2nd Shelf Mix was used by mistake.

Shove It (Metropolix) 3:30
Appears on: UK Shove It 12" vinyl, The Lot

A tight remix, this adds some echo to the percussion and a few added effects here and there. The vocals mix parts of both the album and Extended versions. At three and a half minutes, it doesn't overdo it.

Shove It (Video Version) 4:00
Appears on: The Lot

The backdrop of the Shove It video is The Cross playing in a steamy nightclub. The actual audio for the video is the album version with 30 seconds of added club noise at the beginning.

Shove It (Denniz Pop Remix) 5:04
Appears on: The Lot

The Denniz Pop Remix of Shove It first appeared on a June 1998 edition of the Swedish club record series called Swe-Mix. This series, which is released by Remix Records, featured dance mixes to various songs by artists, some established, some not. This was sanctioned and authorized for release by Virgin Records at the time (and it says as much on the label). The remix is a dance oriented version of the song.

Cowboys And Indians

Cowboys And Indians (Album Version) 5:53
Appears on: Shove It, Track 2

Cowboys And Indians (7" Single Edit) 4:34
Appears on: Cowboys and Indians 7" vinyl, UK Shove It CD single, UK Cowboys and Indians promo CD, The Lot

You probably wouldn't notice this version is edited until you compare times. This mix is done very well and keeps the guts of the song intact. The beginning and end are where most of the trimming takes place.


Contact (Album Version) 4:52
Appears on: Shove It, Track 3

Heaven For Everyone

Heaven For Everyone (Freddie Mercury Vocal) 4:55
Appears on: UK Shove It CD album, UK Shove It vinyl album, The Solo Collection, The Lot

Two versions of this song were recorded for The Cross album Shove It. Freddie's vocals seem more suited to this song than Roger's (which are also pretty good), which is probably one of the reasons it was dusted off for Queen's Made In Heaven album. If this version sounds familiar, that's why. Roger sings the intro, middle-eight and outro, absent from the Queen version.

Heaven For Everyone (Roger Taylor Vocal) 5:06
Appears on: US Shove It CD album, US Shove It vinyl album, UK Heaven For Everyone 7" vinyl, UK Heaven For Everyone 12" vinyl

This is the other version of the song recorded for Shove It. Roger sings the entire song, with Freddie singing back-up. The song feels lighter and mellower compared to both Freddie's version and the eventual Queen version. This version was also used for the video.

Stand Up For Love

Stand Up For Love (Album Version) 4:20
Appears on: Shove It, Track 5

Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)

Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal) (Album Version) 4:49
Appears on: Shove It, Track 6

Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress)

Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (Album Version) 4:24
Appears on: Shove It, Track 7

Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (Single Remix) 4:15
Appears on: UK Cowboys and Indians 7" vinyl, UK Cowboys and Indians 12" vinyl, UK Cowboys and Indians promo CD, The Lot

Brian May appears on this track, both on the album and the single, playing some great guitar. This was the lead-off single for the album, so it came out before the album did, making this version the original. The differences to the album aren't huge, but you'll notice the beefier guitars. Roger sings "I want you to burn! Burn! Burn!" on this version, which is edited on the album (except the last "Burn!") for some reason. This version is also about ten seconds shorter, fading out earlier.

Rough Justice

Rough Justice (Outro Mix) 4:13
Appears on: US Shove It CD album, US Shove It vinyl album, UK Shove It vinyl album

On all US formats (CD, LP and cassette), this version finishes off the album. The difference between it and the UK version is the fifty-second "Shove It" instrumental reprise, which also appears on The 2nd Shelf Mix" ending the UK CD Shove It album. In a way, by itself, this version works better than the UK Version, because it has a less-abrupt ending. This version does appear on the UK LP, which excludes The 2nd Shelf Mix.

Rough Justice 3:22
Appears on: UK Shove It CD album

On the UK CD album, this version is the same as the US version, but does not feature the fifty-second "Shove It" outro at the end. It doesn't need to, because the next track is The 2nd Shelf Mix of "Shove It," which does the same job (and has that outro at the end anyway). Without the album outro, though, the song itself ends a little abruptly (but not badly).

Rough Justice (UK Version - The Lot 1st Pressing Error) 3:19
Appears on: The Lot 1st Pressing

This error cuts off the last 3 seconds of the track. This was later fixed on the 2nd Pressing of The Lot

Feel The Force

Feel The Force 3:48
Appears on: US Shove It CD album, US Shove It vinyl album, US Shove It 7" vinyl, The Lot

The US alone lucked out by getting an extra song on its version of the album (the UK version instead got The 2nd Shelf Mix). It is not the strongest song on the album, but it isn't bad. It follows "Heaven For Everyone" (the version with Roger's lead vocals), feeling like an optimistic sequel to that song. This track, along with Roger's version of "Heaven For Everyone," make the US edition of the album worth seeking out.

The 2nd Shelf Mix

The 2nd Shelf Mix 5:50
Appears on:
UK Shove It CD album
This mix is basically the entire Shove It Extended Mix, with a fifty-second instrumental reprise added to the end. This same reprise appears at the end of the US version of "Rough Justice," acting on both UK and US versions of the album as the outro.