Star Fleet Project

Produced by: Brian May
Recorded at: The Record Plant
UK EMI EP: 31 October 1983 SFLT 1078061 / UK Chart 35
USA Capitol EP: 1 November 1983 MLP-15014 / Billboard #147

Side One
1. Star Fleet (Bliss/Arr. May) 8:06
2. Let Me Out (May) 7:13
  Side Two
1. Blues Breaker (May/Van Halen/Gratzer/Chen/Mandel) 12:51

Related Songs
Son Of Star Fleet (May)


UK Singles
- Star Fleet (Edited Single Version) c/w Son Of Star Fleet 7" / UK Chart #65

US Singles
- Star Fleet (Edited Single Version) c/w Son Of Star Fleet 7" / Did Not Chart

Album Info

In April 1983, Queen guitarist Brian May found himself in Los Angeles doing very little. He picked up the phone and called Eddie Van Halen (guitar), Phil Chen (bass), Alan Gratzer (drums), and Fred Mandel (keyboards) to record some tracks for fun. The end result was too long to be an E.P. and too short to be an album, a mini-LP of sorts called Star Fleet Project. Star Fleet Project was released on October 31, 1983 in the UK charting at #35.

The title track was inspired by a Japanese puppet TV show May watched with his son Jimmy. At his son's request, Brian May did his own version of the title theme, along with added lyrics. Queen drummer Roger Taylor later added backing vocals during mixing at SARM Studios. Star Fleet was released as a single, backed with the non-album B-side Son Of Star Fleet, reaching #65 in the UK.

Let Me Out was an old song written by May that was finally brought to life on this album. A fan favorite, the song has only been played live twice by May, once with The Cross in 1990 and again at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2001.

Blues Breaker is a jam credited to all five musicians, dedicated to their hero Eric Clapton.

Star Fleet Project has remained out of print for decades, however the three songs were released as bonus tracks on Brian May's Back To The Light CD singles in 1992 and on the Japan Resurrection CD EP in 1993.

Star Fleet

Star Fleet 8:06
Appears on: Star Fleet Project, UK Back To The Light CD single 1

Since this album only had a limited original run and no proper re-release, it is pretty hard to come by, but well worth getting finding. Star Fleet Project was called a "mini-album" by Brian because he thought it was too short to be a proper album, but too long to be even an EP single. The project's title track is an exceptional rocker featuring Eddie Van Halen and Brian seeming to duke it out with their axes. This is raw and full of energy. The lyrics are from the English-dubbed Japanese TV show "Star Fleet."

Star Fleet (Edited Single Version) 4:12
Appears on: UK Star Fleet 7" vinyl, US Star Fleet 7" promo vinyl, US Star Fleet 12" promo vinyl

The single version was cut down from the full eight minutes, removing most of the guitar battle opening between Brian and Eddie. Removing the opening makes it feel less like a jam session and more like a completed song. There's still plenty to love here.

Star Fleet (US Promo Edit) 3:07
Appears on: US Star Fleet 7" promo vinyl

The somewhat rare US promo edit chops a whole 5 minutes off of the original's running time. It is similar to the Single Edit, but removes even more of the instrumental section in the middle. This version actually works much better and is more accessible as a single version.

Star Fleet (Argentina Promo Edit) 3:36
Appears on: Star Fleet 7" Argentina promo vinyl

This is a very interesting version that is more similar to the album version than the single version. The beginning surprisingly retains the opening guitar battle that is missing in the single version. This edit is basically the album version, fading at a very early 3:36.

Star Fleet (Video Version) 4:25
Appears on: Unreleased

The over the top video for Star Fleet is essentially the single version with some added sound effects from the TV series, including a "spacy" intro for the video's text opening.

Let Me Out

Let Me Out 7:13
Appears on: Star Fleet Project, UK Back To The Light CD single 1

Brian has said this was an old song he brought out for this project and it's a good little bluesy track. Brian is on lead vocals and there's more of Brian and Eddie trying to out-do each other on the strings.

Blues Breaker

Blues Breaker 12:51
Appears on: Star Fleet Project, UK Back To The Light CD single 2

A long blues jam, with no lyrics or vocals, just a bunch of talented musicians grinding it out for almost thirteen minutes. The liner notes dedicate this piece to "E.C." (Eric Clapton) and that's where the title comes from.

Son Of Star Fleet

Son Of Star Fleet 4:28
Appears on: UK Star Fleet 7" vinyl

A B-side to the Star Fleet 7" vinyl single. Here's everything cut of out the single version of "Star Fleet," cleverly working around the absent lyrics. The original is still the best version, but this still holds up.