The former Ibex, became Wreckage after Freddie Bulsara (later Mercury) convinced his bandmates of the name change. Wreckage now consisted of Freddie (vocals) , Mike Bersin (guitar, vocals), John Taylor (bass, vocals), and Richard Thompson (percussion). The only known recording by Wreckage is an October 1969 home rehearsal from Freddie's flat in Ferry Road, London. Green, written by Freddie, was eventually released as part of The Solo Collection box set.


Green (Rehearsal, 1969) 3:16
Appears on: The Solo Collection

This is the definitive version that appears on The Freddie Mercury Solo collection. The track is home-recorded and begins with some banter from Freddie. Note there are different versions of this track, presumably coming from the same tape and most likely the same performance; making this an edited/compiled version.

Green (Rehearsal - Version 1) 4:18
Appears on: Rehearsal Tape

A Freddie-penned song, before he changed his last name, these recordings come from a rehearsal tape of the band, made in Freddie's flat. Version 1 starts with a different, extended intro. Some chatter from the band can be heard in throughout. At 1:25, the familiar version from The Freddie Mercury Solo Collection comes in, but lacks the twenty seconds of band chatter which appears on that official release. Here the intro goes straight into the song, uninterrupted. It's hard to say which is definitive, as it is possible some or all versions were edited together from the original source tape.

Green (Rehearsal - Version 2) 3:31
Appears on: Rehearsal Tape

This version starts with a different, shorter intro that resembles the closing of the song. The recording here has more band chatter over this intro. After the intro, the song again goes into the familiar Solo Collection version (again lacking the twenty seconds of chatter heard at the beginning of that version). All known versions seem to include the performance which appeared in the Freddie Mercury boxed set, but with different segments at the beginning.

Green (Rehearsal - Version 3) 4:21
Appears on: Rehearsal Tape

This version sounds very much like Version 1, but does appear to be a different recording of the intro. Like the other two, it goes right into the familiar Solo Collection version without the chatter. Someone, somewhere, did some editing, whether 'official' or otherwise. It would be nice to hear the entire, uncut, unedited tape someday.