You Are The Champions

Produced by: Brian May and Roger Taylor
Co-Produced by: Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J. Macrae, and Kris Fredriksson
Recorded at: Los Angeles and London
UK Universal digital release: 1 May 2020 / UK Chart #95
UK EMI 7": 21 August 2020 00602507193324
UK EMI CD: 21 August 2020 00602507193317

Side One
1. You Are The Champions (Mercury) 2:07
  Side Two
1. You Are The Champions (Instrumental) (Mercury) 2:09

Single Info

During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Queen guitarist Brian May posted a series of home performances on Instagram, encouraging others to play along with him. Various users would mix their playing with May's and repost. At the guitarist's urging, Roger Taylor recorded a drum take at home for May's We Are The Champions performance. Adam Lambert added vocals, creating the first released Queen + Adam Lambert "studio" recording. Lyrics were slightly altered, changing the song to You Are The Champions to honor healthcare workers.

The home sessions were later mixed, along with added bass by Queen + Adam Lambert touring member Neil Fairclough and released in support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. The digital single was released in May 2020 and reached #95 on the UK chart. A CD single and 7" vinyl release was made available the following August exclusively on

You Are The Champions

You Are The Champions 2:07
Appears on: You Are The Champions digital download, You Are The Champions 7" vinyl, You Are The Champions CD single

Recorded from their homes via cellphone and posted to Instagram, Adam Lambert, Brian May and Roger Taylor recorded a spontaneous new version of Queen's classic anthem We Are The Champions - with some subtle changes. The final mixed and mastered recording has been renamed You Are The Champions, with all proceeds going towards the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organisation. You Are The Champions was originally released as a digital download with a QueenOnline exclusive 7" vinyl and CD single to follow. For those who are curious, Neil Fairclough from the Queen + Adam Lambert touring band performs bass guitar.

You Are The Champions (Instrumental) 2:09
Appears on: You Are The Champions 7" vinyl, You Are The Champions CD single

Available only on the QueenOnline exclusive 7" and CD single, this is simply an instrumental mix of the lockdown recording.