Thanks to... is dedicated to listing all of the different Queen song versions; this would include all edits, single versions, remixes, extended versions, etc. Note that some of the more popular unofficial DJ mixes are listed, but this site should not be used as a comprehensive listing of those mixes. Below are some acknowledgements of those that have helped in the creation of this site.

Jason Dass: Jason is the webmaster of the Queen Trainspotter's Guide, which was the inspiration/starting point for this site. The site has not been updated in 18 years, so this site hopefully serves as an updated version for what was missing.

Ron Buczko: Ron is the webmaster of the Queen Picture Hall, one of the best and most used Queen sites on the net. Many of the sleeves you see on the site are courtesy of him.

Patrick Lemieux: For helping write some of the articles seen on the site, editing, proofreading, and fixing any errors.

John S. Stuart: For all of the information shared on the website. He has one of the most comprehensive Queen collections and has been generous with it.

Wilki Amieva: For all of his assistance and sharing his vast knowledge.

Craig Piper: For sharing his knowledge about various song versions. Check out his excellent Facebook page "The Queen Fanthology".

Greg Brooks: For assisting with any information that I may have needed. For permission to use some of the sleeve scans on the site.