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A fascinating read for any Queen fan
Reviewer: Joe Silvey
Date : May 14, 2013
Queen fans who've visited Queenvault.com already know the thorough knowledge base that co-author Adam Unger has put together over the years on Queen's studio work. I've read most all of his site and regularly return to it as a resource. And Patrick Lemieux has written for Queen's official site, supplying wonderful feature articles that are filled with facts and history, but peppered with personal testimony and perspective as a fan. This new book takes all of that info and MORE and lays it out in a chronological timeline that's hard to stop reading once you've begun. They include start dates (as specific as possible when available) and end dates of album sessions, tours, appearances, and more - all as they relate to the musical work and output of Queen and its individual members. They've done their research to be sure - you'll frequently read an entry and find the original source (a certain interview / year for example) cited right there as you go. There's also valuable insight about rare tracks that are worth seeking out, and others that are not. The detail is astounding, and with just the right amount of subjectivity. Highly recommended!

The bible of all things Queen
Reviewer: Samcooke69
Date : May 4, 2013
WOW! This breathtaking book is where you can begin and end anything you need to know about studio & live Queen. As a rabid collector I put this as high as you can get. As Queen fans we have been spoiled by the incredible Queen Live and Queen Complete Works books. I'm happy to say we can add a third gem. Again, hats off to the author and thank you very much for your love and research. 5 star book all day.

The Queen Chronology A must for every Queen Fan
Reviewer: J. B. Gonzalez
Date : July 8, 2013
A lot of information and facts. If you are a Queen Fan, you will want this to be able to dive into Queen's history.

Very Interesting
Reviewer: Mariano Bryner
Date : June 14, 2013
Very interesting reading. Lots of accurate and little known information. I totally recommend this. If you are not very much into Queen, this is the place to start with. If are already a hardcore fan, this will bring a new chronological view to every little bit of information that you have gathered over the years.

The Queen Chronology
Copyright © 2013
by Patrick Lemieux & Adam Unger
All Rights Reserved